60 days notice

nov. 24: have you ever rage-quit a job?

well, yes and no. it’s pretty hard to rage quit when you have to give 60 days notice.

… so, i wrote an entire post about this on thanksgiving morning. since then i have been advised that it’s probably not worth it to post the story in public, despite Obvious names and places being left out, and every word being truth. yeah, they’re probably right.

what would i get from it? i’m not sure. a big part of me still wants certain people to know what really happened. but hey, many did know, and many have also left since i left (for their own various reasons, but i’m sure in some small way informed by what happened to me). the reality is nothing can change the role of this business in the community, because there are no other options. so is it selfish of me? maybe it is. why know things that might make you feel conflicted about doing what you have to do anyway?

i’ve also been told that i didn’t actually leave in rage because being enraged causes one to think irrationally. but ultimately my decisions were rational, despite irrational fury-fueled moments. lots of them. so maybe my story doesn’t apply to this prompt anyway. so maybe the answer is no. in the end, my extremely emotional self is tempered by my spock-like rationality, and usually i choose who gets to speak.

so i’m going to choose not to post what i wrote. i think it’s the rational choice.

(BUT if you want to know and you don’t know already… drop a sister a line ;))


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